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seedThis drill enables direct sowing of Wheat after harvesting Rice, sans any ploughing operations. All that needed is to irrigate the standing paddy crop a few days before harvesting. The rice is harvested near to ground so that the left overstubble is not more than 6 inches in height. Experiments done by scientistis of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana proves that once the harvesting is done.

wheat is directly sown within 2-3days in the rice field by deploying the zero till machine, utilising the residual moisture, Under conventional tillage, pre-sowing field preparation takes a minimum 2-3 weeks time Here wheat sowing can be advanced by upto 15 days, which would enhance the farmer’s yields by 4-5 quintals per hectare. This saving of approximately Rs.1500 per Hectare. This drill has given special design & structure with steel tools(fala) to sow wheat with out opening up of the soil and cutting paddy crop waste. With this one have to less ploughing the fields and get more yields and no problem of weed. This drill has two models 11 tools(Fala) and 13 tools(Fala).

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